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1947 conveyance for arboretum and botanical garden purposes—Part may be conveyed by regents to city of Seattle.

(1) The board of regents of the University of Washington is hereby authorized to convey to the city of Seattle that portion of said lot three (3) of the shorelands described in RCW 28B.20.350 which is within the following described tract, to wit:
A rectangular tract of land one hundred twenty (120) feet in north-south width, and four hundred (400) feet in east-west length, with the north boundary coincident with the north boundary of the old canal right-of-way, and the west boundary on the southerly extension of the west line of Lot eleven (11), Block four (4), Montlake Park, according to the recorded plat thereof, approximately five hundred sixty (560) feet east of the east line of Montlake Boulevard.
(2) The board of regents is authorized to convey to the city of Seattle free of all restrictions or limitations, or to incorporate in the conveyance to the city of Seattle such provisions for reverter of said land to the university as the board deems appropriate. Should any portion of the land so conveyed to the city of Seattle again vest in the university by reason of the operation of any provisions incorporated by the board in the conveyance to the city of Seattle, the University of Washington shall hold such reverted portion subject to the reverter provisions of RCW 28B.20.356.
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