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Educational materials on abuses of, and illnesses consequent from, alcohol.

The boards of regents of the state's universities, the boards of trustees of the respective state colleges, and the boards of trustees of the respective community colleges, with the cooperation of the *state board for community college education, shall make available at some place of prominence within the premises of each campus educational materials on the abuses of alcohol in particular and the illnesses consequent therefrom in general: PROVIDED, That such materials shall be obtained from public or private organizations at no cost to the state.


*Reviser's note: The state board for community college education was renamed the state board for community and technical colleges by 1991 c 238 s 30.
Legislative recognition of community alcohol centers: "The legislature recognizes the invaluable services performed by the community alcohol centers throughout the state, which centers would view making available such educational materials as referred to in section 2 of this act as a part of their community outreach education and preventive program and for which material no fees would be charged." [ 1975 1st ex.s. c 164 s 1.]
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