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Charter school authorizers—Approval process.

(1) The state board of education shall establish an annual application and approval process and timelines for school districts seeking approval to become charter school authorizers. The initial process and timelines must be established by July 1, 2016.
(2) At a minimum, each applicant district must submit to the state board of education:
(a) The applicant's strategic vision for chartering;
(b) A plan to support the vision presented, including explanation and evidence of the applicant's budget and personnel capacity and commitment to execute the responsibilities of quality charter authorizing;
(c) A draft or preliminary outline of the annual charter school application process that the applicant would, if approved as an authorizer, issue to solicit charter school applicants;
(d) A draft of the performance framework that the applicant would, if approved as an authorizer, use to guide the establishment of a charter contract and use for ongoing oversight and evaluation of charter schools;
(e) A draft of the applicant's proposed renewal, revocation, and nonrenewal processes, consistent with RCW 28A.710.190 and 28A.710.200;
(f) A statement of assurance that the applicant seeks to serve as an authorizer in fulfillment of the expectations, spirit, and intent of this chapter, and that, if approved as an authorizer, the applicant will fully participate in any authorizer training provided or required by the state; and
(g) A statement of assurance that the applicant will provide public accountability and transparency in all matters concerning charter authorizing practices, decisions, and expenditures.
(3) The state board of education shall consider the merits of each application and make its decision within the timelines established by the state board of education.
(4) Within thirty days of making a decision to approve an application under this section, the state board of education must execute a renewable authorizing contract with the applicant district. The initial term of an authorizing contract must be six years. The authorizing contract must specify each approved applicant district's agreement to serve as an authorizer in accordance with the expectations of this chapter, and may specify additional performance terms based on the applicant's proposal and plan for chartering.
(5) No approved school district may commence charter authorizing without an authorizing contract in effect.
[ 2016 c 241 s 109. Prior: 2013 c 2 s 209 (Initiative Measure No. 1240, approved November 6, 2012).]
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