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Education accountability system oversight committeeMembershipDutiesReports.

*** CHANGE IN 2020 *** (SEE 2402.SL) ***
(1) The education accountability system oversight committee is established to provide ongoing monitoring of the outcomes of the comprehensive system of recognition, support, and intervention for schools and school districts established under this chapter.
(2) The oversight committee shall be composed of the following members:
(a) Two members from each of the largest caucuses of the house of representatives, to be appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives;
(b) Two members from each of the largest caucuses of the senate, to be appointed by the president of the senate;
(c) Two members appointed by the governor; and
(d) One nonlegislative member of the educational opportunity gap oversight and accountability committee.
(3) The oversight committee shall choose a chair from among its membership who shall serve as chair for no more than one consecutive year.
(4) The committee shall:
(a) Monitor the progress and outcomes of the education accountability system established under this chapter, including but not limited to the effectiveness in improving student achievement of the tiered system of assistance and intervention provided to challenged schools in need of improvement, persistently lowest-achieving schools in required action districts, and level two required action districts;
(b) Review and make recommendations to the state board of education regarding the proposed assignment of a required action district to level two of the required action process under RCW 28A.657.105;
(c) Make recommendations to the state board of education, the superintendent of public instruction, the governor, and the legislature as necessary if the oversight committee finds that changes to the accountability system should be made; and
(d) Report biennially to the education committees of the legislature.
(5) Staff support for the oversight committee must be provided by the senate committee services and the house of representatives office of program research.
(6) Legislative members of the oversight committee may be reimbursed for travel expenses in accordance with RCW 44.04.120. Nonlegislative members are entitled to be reimbursed for travel expenses in accordance with RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060.
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