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Technical assistance.

(1) In order to increase the availability and quality of technical assistance statewide, the superintendent of public instruction, subject to available funding, may employ school improvement coordinators and school improvement specialists to provide assistance to schools and districts. The improvement specialists shall serve on a rotating basis and shall not be permanent employees.
(2) The types of assistance provided by the improvement coordinators and specialists may include, but need not be limited to:
(a) Assistance to schools to use student performance data and develop improvement plans based on those data;
(b) Consultation with schools and districts concerning their performance on the Washington assessment of student learning and other assessments;
(c) Consultation concerning curricula that aligns with the essential academic learning requirements and the Washington assessment of student learning and that meets the needs of diverse learners;
(d) Assistance in the identification and implementation of research-based instructional practices;
(e) Staff training that emphasizes effective instructional strategies and classroom-based assessment;
(f) Assistance in developing and implementing family and community involvement programs; and
(g) Other assistance to schools and school districts intended to improve student learning.
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