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Accountability implementation funds.

(1) To the extent funds are appropriated, the office of the superintendent of public instruction annually shall allocate accountability implementation funds to school districts. The purposes of the funds are to: Develop and update student learning improvement plans; implement curriculum materials and instructional strategies; provide staff professional development to implement the selected curricula and instruction; develop and implement assessment strategies and training in assessment scoring; and fund other activities intended to improve student learning for all students, including students with diverse needs. Activities funded by the allocations must be consistent with the school or district improvement plan, designed to improve the ability of teachers and other instructional certificated and classified staff to assist students in meeting the essential academic learning requirements, and designed to achieve state and local accountability goals. Activities funded by the allocations shall be designed to protect the teachers' instructional time with students and minimize the use of substitute teachers.
(2) Schools receiving funds shall develop, update as needed, and keep on file a school student learning improvement plan to achieve the student learning goals and essential academic learning requirements and to implement the assessment system as it is developed. The plan shall delineate how the accountability implementation funds will be used to accomplish the requirements of this section. The plan shall be made available to the public and to others upon request.
(3) The amount of allocations shall be determined in the omnibus appropriations act.
(4) The state schools for the deaf and blind are eligible to receive allocations under this section.
(5) The superintendent of public instruction may adopt timelines and rules as necessary under chapter 34.05 RCW to administer the program, and require that schools and districts submit reports regarding the use of the funds.
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