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Comprehensive guidance and planning programs for students.

(1) The legislature encourages each middle school, junior high school, and high school to implement a comprehensive guidance and planning program for all students. The purpose of the program is to support students as they navigate their education and plan their future; encourage an ongoing and personal relationship between each student and an adult in the school; and involve parents in students' educational decisions and plans.
(2) A comprehensive guidance and planning program is a program that contains at least the following components:
(a) A curriculum intended to provide the skills and knowledge students need to select courses, explore options, plan for their future, and take steps to implement their plans. The curriculum may include such topics as analysis of students' test results; diagnostic assessments of students' academic strengths and weaknesses; use of assessment results in developing students' short-term and long-term plans; assessments of student interests and aptitude; goal-setting skills; planning for high school course selection; independent living skills; exploration of options and opportunities for career and technical education at the secondary and postsecondary level; exploration of career opportunities in emerging and high-demand programs including apprenticeships; and postsecondary options and how to access them;
(b) Regular meetings between each student and a teacher who serves as an advisor throughout the student's enrollment at the school;
(c) Student-led conferences with the student's parents, guardians, or family members and the student's advisor for the purpose of demonstrating the student's accomplishments; identifying weaknesses; planning and selecting courses; and setting long-term goals; and
(d) Data collection that allows schools to monitor students' progress.
(3) Subject to funds appropriated for this purpose, the office of the superintendent of public instruction shall provide support for comprehensive guidance and planning programs in public schools, including providing ongoing development and improvement of the curriculum described in subsection (2) of this section.


FindingsIntent2008 c 170: See RCW 28A.700.005.
Intent2006 c 117: "The legislature recognizes that there are specific skills and a body of knowledge that each student needs to chart a course through middle school, high school, and posthigh school options. Each student needs active involvement from parents and at least one supportive adult in the school who knows the student well and cares about the student's progress and future. Students, parents, and teachers also need the benefit of immediate feedback and accurate diagnosis of students' academic strengths and weaknesses to inform the students' short-term and long-term plans. To empower and motivate all students and parents to take a greater role in charting the students' own educational experiences, the legislature intends to strengthen schools' guidance and planning programs." [ 2006 c 117 § 1.]
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