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State leadership academyPublic-private partnershipReports.

(1) Research supports the value of quality school and school district leadership. Effective leadership is critical to improving student learning and transforming underperforming schools and school districts into world-class learning centers.
(2) A public-private partnership is established to develop, pilot, and implement the Washington state leadership academy to focus on the development and enhancement of personal leadership characteristics and the teaching of effective practices and skills demonstrated by school and district administrators who are successful managers and instructional leaders. It is the goal of the academy to provide state-of-the-art programs and services across the state.
(3) Academy partners include the state superintendent and principal professional associations, private nonprofit foundations, institutions of higher education with approved educator preparation programs, the professional educator standards board, the office of the superintendent of public instruction, educational service districts, the state school business officers' association, and other entities identified by the partners. The partners shall designate an independent organization to act as the fiscal agent for the academy and shall establish a board of directors to oversee and direct the academy's finances, services, and programs. The academy shall be supported by a national research institution with demonstrated expertise in educational leadership.
(4) Initial development of academy course content and activities shall be supported by private funds. Initial tasks of the academy are to:
(a) Finalize a comprehensive design of the academy and the development of the curriculum frameworks for a comprehensive leadership development program that includes coursework, practicum, mentoring, and evaluation components;
(b) Develop curriculum for individual leadership topics;
(c) Pilot the curriculum and all program components; and
(d) Modify the comprehensive design, curriculum coursework, practicum, and mentoring programs based on the research results gained from pilot activities.
(5) The board of directors shall report semiannually to the superintendent of public instruction on the financial contributions provided by foundations and other organizations to support the work of the academy. The board of directors shall report by December 31st each year to the superintendent of public instruction on the programs and services provided, numbers of participants in the various academy activities, evaluation activities regarding program and participant outcomes, and plans for the academy's future development.
(6) The board of directors shall make recommendations for changes in superintendent and principal preparation programs, the administrator licensure system, and continuing education requirements.


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