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Violation or noncomplianceInvestigatory powers of superintendent of public instructionRequirements for investigation of alleged sexual misconduct towards a childCourt ordersContemptWritten findings required.

(1) The superintendent of public instruction may initiate and conduct investigations as may be reasonably necessary to establish the existence of any alleged violations of or noncompliance with this chapter or any rules adopted under it. For the purpose of any investigation or proceeding under this chapter, the superintendent or any officer designated by the superintendent may administer oaths and affirmations, subpoena witnesses and compel their attendance, take evidence, and require the production of any books, papers, correspondence, memoranda, agreements, or other documents or records that the superintendent deems relevant and material to the inquiry.
(2) Investigations conducted by the superintendent of public instruction concerning alleged sexual misconduct towards a child shall be completed within one year of the initiation of the investigation or within thirty days of the completion of all proceedings, including court proceedings, resulting from an investigation conducted by law enforcement or child protective services if there is such an investigation. The superintendent of public instruction may take, for reasonable cause, additional time for completion of the investigation after informing the victim, the individual being investigated, and the school district that employs the individual being investigated of the reasons additional time is needed and the amount of additional time needed. Written notification must be provided to each of the parties who must be informed. The sole remedy for a failure to complete an investigation of sexual misconduct within the time allowed by this subsection is a civil penalty of fifty dollars per day for each day beyond the allowed time.
(3) If any person fails to obey a subpoena or obeys a subpoena but refuses to give evidence, any court of competent jurisdiction, upon application by the superintendent, may issue to that person an order requiring him or her to appear before the court and to show cause why he or she should not be compelled to obey the subpoena, and give evidence material to the matter under investigation. The failure to obey an order of the court may be punishable as contempt.
(4) Once an investigation has been initiated by the superintendent of public instruction, the investigation shall be completed regardless of whether the individual being investigated has resigned his or her position or allowed his or her teaching certificate to lapse. The superintendent shall make a written finding regarding each investigation indicating the actions taken, including a statement of the reasons why a complaint was dismissed or did not warrant further investigation or action by the superintendent, and shall provide such notice to each person who filed the complaint. Written findings under this section are subject to public disclosure under chapter 42.56 RCW.
(5) An investigation into sexual or physical abuse of a student by a school employee shall only be initiated by the superintendent of public instruction after the superintendent of public instruction verifies that the incident has been reported to the proper law enforcement agency or the department of social and health services as required under RCW 26.44.030.


Findings1992 c 159: See note following RCW 28A.400.303.
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