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(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, school districts may provide employer fringe benefit contributions after October 1, 1990, only for basic benefits. However, school districts may continue payments under contracts with employees or benefit providers in effect on April 13, 1990, until the contract expires.
(2) School districts may provide employer contributions after October 1, 1990, for optional benefit plans, in addition to basic benefits. Beginning January 1, 2020, school district optional benefits must be outside the school employees' benefits board's authority in RCW 41.05.740(6). Beginning December 1, 2019, and each December 1st thereafter, school district optional benefits must be reported to the school employees' benefits board and health care authority. The school employees' benefits board shall review the optional benefits offered by districts and: (a) Determine if the optional benefits conflict with school employees' benefits board's plans offering authority and, if not, (b) evaluate whether to seek additional benefit offerings authority from the legislature. Optional benefits may include direct agreements as defined in chapter 48.150 RCW, and may include employee beneficiary accounts that can be liquidated by the employee on termination of employment. Optional benefit plans may be offered only if:
(a) Each full-time employee, regardless of the number of dependents receiving basic coverage, receives the same additional employer contribution for other coverage or optional benefits; and
(b) For part-time employees, participation in optional benefit plans shall be governed by the same eligibility criteria and/or proration of employer contributions used for allocations for basic benefits.
(3) School districts are not intended to divert state basic benefit allocations for other purposes. Beginning January 1, 2020, school districts must offer all benefits offered by the school employees' benefits board administered by the health care authority, and consistent with RCW 41.56.500(2).
(4) Any optional benefits offered by a school district under subsection (2) of this section are considered an enhancement to the state's definition of basic education.


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