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(1) The legislature finds that online learning provides tremendous opportunities for students to access curriculum, courses, and a unique learning environment that might not otherwise be available. The legislature supports and encourages online learning opportunities.
(2) However, the legislature also finds that there is a need to assure quality in online learning, both for the programs and the administration of those programs. The legislature is the steward of public funds that support students enrolled in online learning and must ensure an appropriate accountability system at the state level.
(3) Therefore, the legislature intends to take a first step in improving oversight and quality assurance of online learning programs, and intends to examine possible additional steps that may need to be taken to improve financial accountability.
(4) The first step in improving quality assurance is to:
(a) Provide objective information to students, parents, and educators regarding available online learning opportunities, including program and course content, how to register for programs and courses, teacher qualifications, student-to-teacher ratios, prior course completion rates, and other evaluative information;
(b) Create an approval process for online providers;
(c) Enhance statewide equity of student access to high quality online learning opportunities; and
(d) Require school district boards of directors to develop policies and procedures for student access to online learning opportunities.


FindingIntent2011 1st sp.s. c 34: See RCW 28A.232.005.
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