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Physical education programsAnnual review.

(1) Beginning in the 2018-19 school year, all school districts must conduct an annual review of their physical education programs that includes:
(a) The number of individual students completing a physical education class during the school year;
(b) The average number of minutes per week of physical education received by students in grades one through eight, expressed in appropriate reporting ranges;
(c) The number of students granted waivers from physical education requirements;
(d) An indication of whether all physical education classes are taught by instructors who possess a valid health and fitness endorsement;
(e) The physical education class sizes, expressed in appropriate reporting ranges;
(f) The frequency with which physical education is provided to students;
(g) An indication of whether there is sufficient dedicated gym space and sheltered areas to support the minimum amount of physical activity required of students by law or agency rule;
(h) An indication of whether the physical education curriculum of the district addresses the Washington state K-12 learning standards;
(i) An indication of whether, as a matter of policy or procedure, the district routinely modifies and adapts its physical education curriculum for students with disabilities; and
(j) An indication of whether the district routinely excludes students from physical education classes for disciplinary reasons.
(2) The results of the review required by this section must be submitted by the school district to the district's wellness committee and to the office of the superintendent of public instruction. The office of the superintendent of public instruction, upon receipt of the review data, must aggregate and analyze the data, summarize the information provided by each district, and post the summarized information, by district, on its website.
(3) In fulfilling the requirements of this section, the K-12 data governance group established under RCW 28A.300.507 shall develop the data protocols and guidance for school districts in the collection of data to provide a clearer understanding of physical education instructional minutes and certification.
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