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Required support of education programs.

To support each education program under this chapter, the department of corrections and each superintendent or chief administrator of a correction facility shall:
(1) Through construction, lease, or rental of space, provide necessary building and exercise spaces for the education program that is secure, separate, and apart from space occupied by nonstudent inmates;
(2) Through construction, lease, or rental, provide vocational instruction machines; technology and supporting equipment; tools, building, and exercise facilities; and other equipment and fixtures deemed necessary by the department of corrections to conduct the education program;
(3) Provide heat, lights, telephone, janitorial services, repair services, and other support services for the building and exercise spaces, equipment, and fixtures provided under this section;
(4) Employ, supervise, and control security staff to safeguard agents of the education providers and inmates while engaged in educational and related activities conducted under this chapter;
(5) Provide clinical and medical evaluation services necessary for a determination by the education provider of the educational needs of inmates; and
(6) Provide such other support services and facilities as are reasonably necessary to conduct the education program.
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