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Duties and authority of education providerContinuation in program by students age eighteen.

Except as otherwise provided for by contract under RCW 28A.193.060, the duties and authority of a school district, educational service district, institution of higher education, or private contractor to provide for education programs under this chapter are limited to the following:
(1) Employing, supervising, and controlling administrators, teachers, specialized personnel, and other persons necessary to conduct education programs, subject to security clearance by the department of corrections;
(2) Purchasing, leasing, or renting and providing textbooks, maps, audiovisual equipment, paper, writing instruments, physical education equipment, and other instructional equipment, materials, and supplies deemed necessary by the provider of the education programs;
(3) Conducting education programs for inmates under the age of eighteen in accordance with program standards established by the superintendent of public instruction. The education provider shall develop the curricula, instructional methods, and educational objectives of the education programs, subject to applicable requirements of state and federal law. The department of corrections shall establish behavior standards that govern inmate participation in education programs, subject to applicable requirements of state and federal law;
(4) Students age eighteen who have participated in an education program governed by this chapter may continue in the program with the permission of the department of corrections and the education provider, under the rules adopted by the superintendent of public instruction.
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