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Women's history consortiumResponsibilities.

Within available resources, the consortium responsibilities include:
(1) Compiling a comprehensive index of existing historically relevant materials and making it available in electronic and print form;
(2) Identifying topics, historical periods, materials, or activities not well represented in publicly accessible collections and developing strategies for making them publicly available, including topics related to motherhood and the accomplishments of mothers in Washington;
(3) Encouraging collection and preservation of materials important to understanding Washington women's history, with special emphasis on the last several decades;
(4) Referring potential donors of historical materials to appropriate museums, archives, libraries, and other organizations throughout the state;
(5) Developing protocols for protection of donations, loans, leases, and purchases of historically relevant materials;
(6) Encouraging exhibit development and sharing among member organizations and others;
(7) Encouraging public access and educational institution access to women's history information, materials, and exhibits;
(8) Seeking private donations to assist with consortium work;
(9) Developing a concept for a grant program;
(10) Developing a volunteer program; and
(11) Encouraging development of curriculum materials.


FindingIntent2005 c 391: See note following RCW 27.34.360.
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