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*** CHANGE IN 2021 *** (SEE 1320-S2.SL) ***
Upon receipt of the petition, the court shall order a hearing which shall be held not later than fourteen days from the date of the order. The court may schedule a hearing by telephone pursuant to local court rule, to reasonably accommodate a disability, or in exceptional circumstances to protect a petitioner from further acts of domestic violence. The court shall require assurances of the petitioner's identity before conducting a telephonic hearing. Except as provided in RCW 26.50.085 and 26.50.123, personal service shall be made upon the respondent not less than five court days prior to the hearing. If timely personal service cannot be made, the court shall set a new hearing date and shall either require an additional attempt at obtaining personal service or permit service by publication as provided in RCW 26.50.085 or service by mail as provided in RCW 26.50.123. The court shall not require more than two attempts at obtaining personal service and shall permit service by publication or by mail unless the petitioner requests additional time to attempt personal service. If the court permits service by publication or by mail, the court shall set the hearing date not later than twenty-four days from the date of the order. The court may issue an ex parte order for protection pending the hearing as provided in RCW 26.50.070, 26.50.085, and 26.50.123.


Short title2008 c 287: "This act shall be known as the Rebecca Jane Griego act. Recent tragic events have demonstrated the need to find ways to make legal protections for domestic violence victims more accessible. On March 6, 2007, Rebecca Jane Griego, an employee at the University of Washington, had obtained a temporary protection order against the man who eventually shot her and then himself in a murder-suicide on April 2, 2007. However, because her stalker had evaded the police and service of process, Ms. Griego had to return to court numerous times and did not have the opportunity to have a hearing for a permanent protection order. Under current court rules, which vary by court, if a process server fails to serve process after an unspecified number of times, process may be served by publication or by mail. Establishing greater uniformity in the service of process of petitions for orders for protection or modifications of protection orders in domestic violence cases may help to protect the safety of future domestic violence victims." [ 2008 c 287 § 1.]
Severability1995 c 246: See note following RCW 26.50.010.
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