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Motion to quash, modify, or terminate payroll deductionGrounds for relief.

(1) The responsible parent subject to a payroll deduction pursuant to this chapter, may file a motion in superior court to quash, modify, or terminate the payroll deduction.
(2) Except as provided in subsections (4) and (5) of this section, the court may grant relief only upon a showing: (a) That the payroll deduction causes extreme hardship or substantial injustice; or (b) that the support payment was not past due under the terms of the order when the notice of payroll deduction was served on the employer.
(3) Satisfaction by the obligor of all past due payments subsequent to the issuance of the notice of payroll deduction is not grounds to quash, modify, or terminate the notice of payroll deduction.
(4) If a notice of payroll deduction has been in operation for twelve consecutive months and the obligor's support obligation is current, upon motion of the obligor, the court may order the office of support enforcement to terminate the payroll deduction, unless the obligee can show good cause as to why the payroll deduction should remain in effect.
(5) Subsection (2) of this section shall not prevent the court from ordering an alternative arrangement as provided under RCW 26.23.050(2).


SeverabilityEffective dateCaptions not law1991 c 367: See notes following RCW 26.09.015.
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