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The legislature recognizes the financial impact on custodial parents and children when child support is not received on time, or in the correct amount. The legislature also recognizes the burden placed upon the responsible parent and the second family when enforcement action must be taken to collect delinquent support.
It is the intent of the legislature to create a central Washington state support registry to improve the recordkeeping of support obligations and payments, thereby providing protection for both parties, and reducing the burden on employers by creating a single standardized process through which support payments are deducted from earnings.
It is also the intent of the legislature that child support payments be made through income withholding if the responsible parent becomes delinquent in making support payments under a court or administrative order for support.
To that end, it is the intent of the legislature to interpret all existing statutes and processes to give effect to, and to implement, one central registry for recording and distributing support payments in this state.
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