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Bond or other security.

(1) In any action to enforce a support or maintenance order under Title 26 RCW, the court may, in its discretion, order a parent obligated to pay support for a minor child or person owing a duty of maintenance to post a bond or other security with the court. The bond or other security shall be in the amount of support or maintenance due for a two-year period. The bond or other security is subject to approval by the court. The bond shall include the name and address of the issuer. If the bond is canceled, any person issuing a bond under this section shall notify the court and the person entitled to receive payment under the order.
(2) If the obligor fails to make payments as required under the court order, the person entitled to receive payment may recover on the bond or other security in the existing proceeding. The court may, after notice and hearing, increase the amount of the bond or other security. Failure to comply with the court's order to obtain and maintain a bond or other security may be treated as contempt of court.


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