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Restated certificate.

(1) A limited liability company may, whenever desired, integrate into a single instrument all of the provisions of its certificate of formation which are then in effect and operative as a result of there having been filed with the secretary of state one or more certificates or other instruments pursuant to any of the sections referred to in this chapter and it may at the same time also further amend its certificate of formation by delivering a restated certificate of formation to the secretary of state for filing in accordance with Article 2 of chapter 23.95 RCW.
(2) A restated certificate of formation must state, either in its heading or in an introductory paragraph, the limited liability company's name and, if it is not to be effective upon filing, the future effective date or time, which must comply with RCW 23.95.210. If a restated certificate only restates and integrates and does not further amend a limited liability company's certificate of formation as amended or supplemented, it must state that fact as well.
(3) Upon the filing of a restated certificate of formation by the secretary of state, or upon the future effective date or time of a restated certificate of formation as provided for, the initial certificate of formation, as amended or supplemented, is superseded; and the restated certificate of formation, including any further amendment or changes made thereby, is thereafter the certificate of formation of the limited liability company, but the original effective date of formation remains unchanged.
(4) Any amendment or change effected in connection with the restatement of the certificate of formation is subject to any other provision of this chapter, not inconsistent with this section, which would apply if a separate certificate of amendment were filed to effect such amendment or change.


Effective dateContingent effective date2015 c 176: See note following RCW 23.95.100.
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