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Use of term "grange""Person" defined.

No person, doing business in this state shall be entitled to use or to register the term "grange" as part or all of his or her business name or other name or in connection with his or her products or services, or otherwise, unless either (1) he or she has complied with the provisions of this chapter or (2) he or she has obtained written consent of the Washington state grange certified thereto by its master. Any person violating the provisions of this section may be enjoined from using or displaying such name and doing business under such name at the instance of the Washington state grange or any grange organized under this chapter, or any member thereof: PROVIDED, That nothing herein shall prevent the continued use of the term "grange" by any person using said name prior to the adoption of *this act.
For the purposes of this section "person" shall include any person, partnership, corporation, or association of individuals.


*Reviser's note: "this act" first appeared in chapter 207, Laws of 1959, section 1 of which amended RCW 24.28.010.
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