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In what pursuits such corporation may engage.

Said grange may engage in any industrial pursuit, manufacturing, mining, milling, wharfing, docking, commercial, mechanical, mercantile, building, farming, building, equipping or running railroads, or generally engage in any species of trade or industry; loan money on security, purchase and sell on real estate, but when desiring to engage in either or any of the above pursuits or industries, said grange shall be subject to all the conditions and liabilities imposed by the provisions of the general corporation laws, and in addition to the conditions to be performed as recited in RCW 24.28.010, shall file additional articles with said secretary of state stating the object, business or industry proposed to be pursued or engaged in; the amount of capital stock, the time of its existence, not to exceed fifty years; the number of shares of which the capital stock shall consist, and price per share, and the names of officers necessary to manage said business, and the places where said officers shall pursue the same.
[ 1981 c 302 § 14; 1875 p 97 § 2; RRS § 3902. Formerly RCW 24.28.010, part and 24.28.020.]


Severability1981 c 302: See note following RCW 19.76.100.
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