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Notice to members of consumer cooperative.

(1) A consumer cooperative organized under this chapter may satisfy any provisions of this chapter requiring that certain information or materials must be set forth in a writing accompanying or contained in the notice of a meeting of its members, by:
(a) Posting the information or materials on an electronic network not less than thirty days prior to the meeting at which such information or materials will be considered by members; and
(b) Delivering to those members who are eligible to vote a notification, either in a meeting notice authorized under this chapter or in such other reasonable form as the board of directors may specify, setting forth the address of the electronic network at which and the date after which such information or materials will be posted and available for viewing by members eligible to vote, together with comprehensible instructions regarding how to obtain access to the information and materials posted on the electronic network.
(2) A consumer cooperative that elects to post information or materials required by this chapter on an electronic network shall, at its expense, provide a copy of such information or materials in a written or other tangible medium to any member who is eligible to vote and so requests.
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