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Debenture companiesEquity investments.

(1) A debenture company shall not, without prior written consent of the director:
(a) Make equity investments in a single project or subsidiary of more than ten percent of its assets or of more than its net worth, whichever is greater; or
(b) Make equity investments, including investments in subsidiaries, other than investments in income-producing real property, which in the aggregate exceed twenty percent of its assets.
(2) For the purposes of this section, an equity investment does not include any acquisition of real property in satisfaction, or on account, of debts previously contracted in the regular course of the debenture company's business, or in satisfaction of judgments, vendors' interests in real property contracts, or liens if the real property has not been held by the debenture company for more than three years from the date it was acquired and any additional time permitted by the director.


SeverabilityEffective dateImplementationApplication1988 c 244: See notes following RCW 21.20.700.
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