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Authority to stop vehicle violating chapterFailure to stop, civil infraction.

The director may establish points of inspection for vehicles transporting agricultural products on the public roads of this state. Vehicles transporting agricultural products on the public roads of this state are subject to inspection and must stop at any posted inspection point established by the director. The director or appointed officers may stop a vehicle transporting agricultural products upon the public roads of this state at a place other than an inspection point if there is reasonable cause to believe the carrier, seller, or buyer may be in violation of this chapter. Any operator of a vehicle failing or refusing to stop when directed to do so has committed a civil infraction.
The director and appointed officers shall work to ensure that vehicles carrying perishable agricultural products are detained no longer than is absolutely necessary for a prompt assessment of compliance with this chapter. If a vehicle carrying perishable agricultural products is found to be in violation of this chapter, the director or appointed officers shall promptly issue necessary notices of civil infraction, as provided in RCW 20.01.482 and 20.01.484, and shall allow the vehicle to continue toward its destination without further delay.


Severability1983 c 305: See note following RCW 20.01.010.
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