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Processing of warrants pilot program.

The administrator for the courts shall establish a pilot program for the efficient statewide processing of warrants issued by courts of limited jurisdiction. The pilot program shall contain procedures and criteria for courts of limited jurisdiction to enter into agreements with other courts of limited jurisdiction throughout the state to process each other's warrants when the defendant is within the processing court's jurisdiction. The administrator for the courts shall establish a formula for allocating between the court processing the warrant and the court that issued the warrant any moneys collected and costs associated with the processing of warrants.


Report to legislature2000 c 111: "The program established by the office of the administrator for the courts pursuant to RCW 2.56.160 shall by June 1, 2003, report to the legislature on the effectiveness and costs of the pilot program. Copies of the report shall be distributed to the house of representatives judiciary committee and the senate judiciary committee." [ 2000 c 111 § 8.]
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