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Antifreeze productsUse of aversive agent.

(1) Any engine coolant or antifreeze manufactured or distributed in the state of Washington after January 1, 2010, that contains more than ten percent ethylene glycol shall contain denatonium benzoate at a minimum of thirty parts per million and a maximum of fifty parts per million as an aversive agent so as to render the product unpalatable.
(2) The requirements of this section apply to manufacturers, packagers, distributors, recyclers, or sellers of engine coolant or antifreeze, but not to those who install engine coolant or antifreeze for compensation.
(3) A manufacturer of a product subject to this section and RCW 19.94.542 and 19.94.544 shall maintain a record of the trade name, scientific name, and active ingredients of any aversive used under this section. The manufacturer shall make this information available to the public upon request.
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