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Packaged commodities in intrastate commerceDeclaration of contents on outsideRules.

*** CHANGE IN 2019 *** (SEE 1298-S.SL) ***
(1) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, any commodity in package form introduced or delivered for introduction into or received in intrastate commerce, kept for the purpose of sale, offered or exposed for sale or sold in intrastate commerce, shall bear on the outside of the package such definite, plain, and conspicuous declaration of:
(a) The identity of the commodity contained within the package unless the same can easily be identified through the package;
(b) The net quantity of the contents in terms of weight, measure or count; and
(c) In the case of any package not sold on the premises where packed, the name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor, as may be prescribed by rule issued by the director.
(2) In connection with the declaration required under subsection (1)(b) of this section, neither the qualifying term "when packed" or any words of similar import, nor any term qualifying a unit of weight, measure, or count (for example, "jumbo", "giant", "full", "or over", and the like) that tends to exaggerate the amount of commodity in a package, shall be used.
(3) With respect to the declaration required under subsection (1)(b) of this section the director shall by rule establish: (a) Reasonable variations to be allowed, (b) exemptions as to small packages, and (c) exemptions as to commodities put up in variable weights or sizes for sale to the consumer intact and either customarily not sold as individual units or customarily weighed or measured at time of sale to the consumer.


Legislative findingsIntent1991 sp.s. c 23: See notes following RCW 19.94.150.
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