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Exempted actions or transactions—Stipulated penalties and remedies are exclusive.

Nothing in this chapter shall apply to actions or transactions otherwise permitted, prohibited or regulated under laws administered by the insurance commissioner of this state, the Washington utilities and transportation commission, the federal power commission or actions or transactions permitted by any other regulatory body or officer acting under statutory authority of this state or the United States: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That actions and transactions prohibited or regulated under the laws administered by the insurance commissioner shall be subject to the provisions of RCW 19.86.020 and all sections of chapter 216, Laws of 1961 and chapter 19.86 RCW which provide for the implementation and enforcement of RCW 19.86.020 except that nothing required or permitted to be done pursuant to Title 48 RCW shall be construed to be a violation of RCW 19.86.020: PROVIDED, FURTHER, That actions or transactions specifically permitted within the statutory authority granted to any regulatory board or commission established within Title 18 RCW shall not be construed to be a violation of chapter 19.86 RCW: PROVIDED, FURTHER, That this chapter shall apply to actions and transactions in connection with the disposition of human remains.
RCW 9A.20.010(2) shall not be applicable to the terms of this chapter and no penalty or remedy shall result from a violation of this chapter except as expressly provided herein.


Radio communications: RCW 80.04.530.
Telecommunications: RCW 80.36.360.
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