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FacilitatorsUnlawful activities.

It is unlawful for a facilitator of a refund anticipation loan to engage in any of the following activities:
(1) Misrepresent a material factor or condition of a refund anticipation loan;
(2) Fail to process the application for a refund anticipation loan promptly after the consumer applies for the loan;
(3) Engage in any dishonest, fraudulent, unfair, unconscionable, or unethical practice or conduct in connection with a refund anticipation loan;
(4) Arrange for a creditor to take a security interest in any property of the consumer other than the proceeds of the consumer's tax refund and the account into which that tax refund is deposited to secure payment of the loan; and
(5) Offer a refund anticipation loan that, including any refund anticipation loan fee or any other fee related to the loan or tax preparation, exceeds the amount of the anticipated tax refund.
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