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*** CHANGE IN 2022 *** (SEE 1619-S.SL) ***
The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Air compressor" means a compressor designed to compress air that has an inlet open to the atmosphere or other source of air and is made up of a compression element (bare compressor), a driver or drivers, mechanical equipment to drive the compressor element, and any ancillary equipment.
(2) "ANSI" means the American national standards institute.
(3) "Bottle-type water dispenser" means a water dispenser that uses a bottle or reservoir as the source of potable water.
(4) "Commercial dishwasher" means a machine designed to clean and sanitize plates, pots, pans, glasses, cups, bowls, utensils, and trays by applying sprays of detergent solution, with or without blasting media granules, and a sanitizing rinse.
(5) "Commercial fryer" means an appliance, including a cooking vessel, in which oil is placed to such a depth that the cooking food is supported by displacement of the cooking fluid rather than by the bottom of the vessel. Heat is delivered to the cooking fluid by means of an immersed electric element of band-wrapped vessel (electric fryers) or by heat transfer from gas burners through either the walls of the fryer or through tubes passing through the cooking fluid (gas fryers).
(6) "Commercial hot food holding cabinet" means a heated, fully enclosed compartment, with one or more solid or partial glass doors, that is designed to maintain the temperature of hot food that has been cooked in a separate appliance. "Commercial hot food holding cabinet" does not include heated glass merchandising cabinets, drawer warmers, or cook and hold appliances.
(7) "Commercial steam cooker" means a device with one or more food-steaming compartments in which the energy in the steam is transferred to the food by direct contact. Models may include countertop models, wall-mounted models, and floor models mounted on a stand, pedestal, or cabinet-style base.
(8) "Compensation" means money or any other valuable thing, regardless of form, received or to be received by a person for services rendered.
(9) "Compressor" means a machine or apparatus that converts different types of energy into the potential energy of gas pressure for displacement and compression of gaseous media to any higher-pressure values above atmospheric pressure and has a pressure ratio at full-load operating pressure greater than 1.3.
(10) "Cook and hold appliance" means a multiple mode appliance intended for cooking food that may be used to hold the temperature of the food that has been cooked in the same appliance.
(11) "CTA" means the consumer technology association.
(12) "Department" means the department of commerce.
(13) "Drawer warmer" means an appliance that consists of one or more heated drawers and that is designed to hold hot food that has been cooked in a separate appliance at a specified temperature.
(14) "Electric storage water heater" means a consumer product that uses electricity as the energy source to heat domestic potable water, has a nameplate input rating of twelve kilowatts or less, contains nominally forty gallons but no more than one hundred twenty gallons of rated hot water storage volume, and supplies a maximum hot water delivery temperature less than one hundred eighty degrees fahrenheit.
(15) "General service lamp" has the same meaning as set forth in the action published at 82 Fed. Reg. 7276, 7321-22 (January 19, 2017) and modified by the action published at 82 Fed. Reg. 7322, 7333 (January 19, 2017).
(16) "Heated glass merchandising cabinet" means an appliance with a heated cabinet constructed of glass or clear plastic doors which, with seventy percent or more clear area, is designed to display and maintain the temperature of hot food that has been cooked in a separate appliance.
(17) "High color rendering index fluorescent lamp" or "high CRI fluorescent lamp" means a fluorescent lamp with a color rendering index of eighty-seven or greater that is not a compact fluorescent lamp.
(18) "Hot water dispenser" means a small electric water heater that has a measured storage volume of no greater than one gallon.
(19) "Mini-tank electric water heater" means a small electric water heater that has a measured storage volume of more than one gallon and a rated storage volume of less than twenty gallons.
(20) "Point-of-use water dispenser" means a water dispenser that uses a pressurized water utility connection as the source of potable water.
(21) "Portable air conditioner" means a portable encased assembly, other than a packaged terminal air conditioner, room air conditioner, or dehumidifier, that delivers cooled, conditioned air to an enclosed space, and is powered by single-phase electric current. It includes a source of refrigeration and may include additional means for air circulation and heating and may be a single-duct or a dual-duct portable air conditioner.
(22) "Portable electric spa" means a factory-built electric spa or hot tub, which may or may not include any combination of integral controls, water heating, or water circulating equipment.
(23) "Pressure regulator" means a device that maintains constant operating pressure immediately downstream from the device, given higher pressure upstream.
(24) "Residential pool pump" means a pump used to circulate and filter pool water in order to maintain clarity and sanitation.
(25) "Residential ventilating fan" means a ceiling, wall-mounted, or remotely mounted in-line fan designed to be used in a bathroom or utility room whose purpose is to move objectionable air from inside the building to the outdoors.
(26) "Signage display" means an analog or digital device designed primarily for the display for computer-generated signals that is not marketed for use as a computer monitor or a television.
(27) "Spray sprinkler body" means the exterior case or shell of a sprinkler incorporating a means of connection to the piping system designed to convey water to a nozzle or orifice.
(28) "Uninterruptible power supply" means a battery charger consisting of a number of convertors, switches, and energy storage devices such as batteries, constituting a power system for maintaining continuity of load power in case of input power failure.
(29) "Water cooler" means a freestanding device that consumes energy to cool or heat potable water, including cold only units, hot and cold units, cook and cold units, storage-type units, and on-demand units.


Reviser's note: The definitions in this section have been alphabetized pursuant to RCW 1.08.015(2)(k).
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