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Disclosures to consumer.

A consumer reporting agency shall, upon request by the consumer, clearly and accurately disclose:
(1) All information in the file on the consumer at the time of request, except that medical information may be withheld. The agency shall inform the consumer of the existence of medical information, and the consumer has the right to have that information disclosed to the health care provider of the consumer's choice. Nothing in this chapter prevents, or authorizes a consumer reporting agency to prevent, the health care provider from disclosing the medical information to the consumer. The agency shall inform the consumer of the right to disclosure of medical information at the time the consumer requests disclosure of his or her file.
(2) All items of information in its files on that consumer, including disclosure of the sources of the information, except that sources of information acquired solely for use in an investigative report may only be disclosed to a plaintiff under appropriate discovery procedures.
(3) Identification of (a) each person who for employment purposes within the two-year period before the request, and (b) each person who for any other purpose within the six-month period before the request, procured a consumer report.
(4) A record identifying all inquiries received by the agency in the six-month period before the request that identified the consumer in connection with a credit transaction that is not initiated by the consumer.
(5) An identification of a person under subsection (3) or (4) of this section must include (a) the name of the person or, if applicable, the trade name under which the person conducts business; and (b) upon request of the consumer, the address of the person.
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