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DisclosuresPrizes awardedRain checks.

(1) Before a demonstration, seminar, or sales presentation begins, the promoter shall inform the person of the prize, if any, the person will receive.
(2) A prize or a voucher, certificate, or other evidence of obligation given instead of a prize shall be given to a person at the time the person is informed of the prize, if any, the person will receive.
(3) A copy of the offer shall be returned to the person receiving the prize at the time the prize is awarded.
(4) It is a violation of this chapter for a promoter or sponsor to include a prize in an offer when the promoter or sponsor knows or has reason to know that the prize will not be available in a sufficient quantity based upon the reasonably anticipated response to the offer.
(5)(a) If the prize is not available for immediate delivery to the recipient, the recipient shall be given, at the promoter or sponsor's option, a rain check for the prize, the verifiable retail value of the prize in cash, or a substitute item of equal or greater verifiable retail value.
(b) If the rain check cannot be honored within thirty days, the promoter or sponsor shall mail to the person a valid check or money order for the verifiable retail value of the prize described in this chapter.
(6) A sponsor shall fulfill the rain check within thirty days if the person named as being responsible fails to honor it.
(7) The offer shall contain the following clear and conspicuous statement of recipients' rights printed in type at least as large as the typeface used in the standard text of the offer:
"If you receive a rain check in lieu of the prize, you are entitled by law to receive the prize, an item of equal or greater value, or the cash equivalent of the offered prize within thirty days of the date on which you claimed the prize."
(8) It is a violation of this chapter to misrepresent the quality, type, value, or availability of a prize.
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