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Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter:
(1) "Business day" means any day except a Sunday or a legal holiday.
(2) "Buyer" or "member" means a person who purchases health studio services.
(3) "Health studio" includes any person or entity engaged in the sale of instruction, training, assistance or use of facilities which purport to assist patrons to improve their physical condition or appearance through physical exercise, body building, weight loss, figure development, the martial arts, or any other similar activity. For the purposes of this chapter, "health studio" does not include: (a) Public common schools, private schools approved under RCW 28A.195.010, and public or private institutions of higher education; (b) persons providing professional services within the scope of a person's license under Title 18 RCW; (c) bona fide nonprofit organizations which have been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service, the functions of which as health studios are only incidental to their overall functions and purposes; (d) a person or entity which offers physical exercise, body building, figure development or similar activities as incidental features of a plan of instruction or assistance relating to diet or control of eating habits; (e) bona fide nonprofit corporations organized under chapter 24.03A RCW which have members and whose members have meaningful voting rights to elect and remove a board of directors which is responsible for the operation of the health club and corporation; and (f) a preexisting facility primarily offering aerobic classes, where the initiation fee is less than fifty dollars and no memberships are sold which exceed one year in duration. For purposes of this subsection, "preexisting facility" means an existing building used for health studio services covered by the fees collected.
(4) "Health studio services" means instruction, services, privileges, or rights offered for sale by a health studio. "Health studio services" do not include: (a) Instruction or assistance relating to diet or control of eating habits not involving substantial on-site physical exercise, body building, figure development, or any other similar activity; or (b) recreational or social programs which either involve no physical exercise or exercise only incidental to the program.
(5) "Initiation or membership fee" means a fee paid either in a lump sum or in installments within twelve months of execution of the health studio services contract on a one-time basis when a person first joins a health studio for the privilege of belonging to the health studio.
(6) "Special offer or discount" means any offer of health studio services at a reduced price or without charge to a prospective member.
(7) "Use fees or dues" means fees paid on a regular periodic basis for use of a health studio. This does not preclude prepayment of use fees at the buyer's option.


Effective date2021 c 176: See note following RCW 24.03A.005.
PurposeStatutory referencesSeverability1990 c 33: See RCW 28A.900.100 through 28A.900.102.
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