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Director's authority.

The director may:
(1) Enforce and administer this chapter by inspections, analyses, and other appropriate actions;
(2) Have access during normal business hours to all places where motor fuels are marketed for the purpose of examination, inspection, taking of samples, and investigation. If access is refused by the owner or agent or other persons leasing the same, the director or his or her agent may obtain an administrative search warrant from a court of competent jurisdiction;
(3) Collect or cause to be collected, samples of motor fuels marketed in this state, and cause such samples to be tested or analyzed for compliance with this chapter;
(4) Issue a stop-sale order for any motor fuel found not to be in compliance and rescind the stop-sale order if the motor fuel is brought into compliance with this chapter;
(5) Refuse, revoke, or suspend the registration of a motor fuel;
(6) Delegate to authorized agents any of the responsibilities for the proper administration of this chapter;
(7) Establish a motor fuel testing laboratory.
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