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Business opportunity contractContentCancellation period.

(1) Every business opportunity contract shall be in writing and shall be dated and signed by the purchaser.
(2) The seller shall provide the purchaser with a copy of the completed contract at the time the purchaser signs the contract.
(3) The seller may not receive any consideration before the purchaser signs a business opportunity contract.
(4) The contract shall include the following notifications, in ten point type, immediately above the space for the purchaser's signature:
(a) "Do not sign this contract if any of the spaces for agreed terms are blank."
(b) "Do not sign this contract unless you received a written disclosure document from the seller at least forty-eight hours before signing."
(c) "You are entitled to a copy of this contract at the time you sign it."
(d) "You have seven days exclusive of Saturday, Sunday, and holidays to cancel this contract for any reason by sending written notice to the seller by certified mail, return receipt requested. Notice of cancellation should be mailed to:
. . . .
(seller's name and business street address)
The notice must be postmarked before midnight of the seventh day exclusive of Saturday, Sunday, and holidays after you sign the contract.
The seller shall return all deposits and payments within ten days after receipt of your cancellation notice.
You must make available to the seller all equipment, products, and supplies provided by the seller within ten days after receipt of all refunded deposits and payments."
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