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Resort contractsRegistration, durationRenewal, amendmentRenewal of prior permits.

A registration of camping resort contracts shall be effective for a period of one year and may, upon application, be renewed for successive periods of one year each, unless the director prescribes a shorter period for a permit or registration. A camping resort contract registration shall be amended if there is to be an increase in inventory or consolidation to the number of camping resort contracts registered, or in instances in which new contract forms are to be offered. Consolidations, new contract forms, the adding of resorts to the program, or amendments for material changes shall become effective in the manner provided by RCW 19.105.330. The written disclosures required to be furnished prospective purchasers under RCW 19.105.370 shall be supplemented by amendment request in writing as necessary to keep the required information reasonably current and reflective of material changes. Amendments shall be filed with the director as provided in RCW 19.105.360. The foregoing notwithstanding, however, the camping resort operator or registrant shall file an amendment to the registration disclosing any event which will have a material effect on the conduct of the operation of the camping resort, the financial condition of the camping resort, or the future availability of the camping resort properties to purchasers. The amendment shall be filed within thirty days following the event. The amendment shall be treated as an original application for registration, except that until the director has acted upon the application for amendment the applicant's registration shall continue to be deemed effective for the purposes of RCW 19.105.310.
Any permit to sell camping resort memberships issued prior to November 1, 1982, shall be deemed a camping resort registration subject to the renewal provisions of this chapter upon the anniversary date of the issuance of the original permit.
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