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RegistrationEffective, whenCompleted form of application required.

(1) Unless an order denying effectiveness under RCW 19.105.380 is in effect, or unless declared effective by order of the director prior thereto, the application for registration shall automatically become effective upon the expiration of the twentieth full business day following a filing with the director in complete and proper form, but an applicant may consent to the delay of effectiveness until such time as the director may by order declare registration effective or issue a permit to market.
(2) An application for registration, renewal of registration, or amendment is not in completed form and shall not be deemed a statutory filing until such time as all required fees, completed application forms, and the information and documents required pursuant to RCW 19.105.320(1) and departmental rules have been filed.
It is the operator's responsibility to see that required filing materials and fees arrive at the appropriate mailing address of the department. Within seven business days, excluding the date of receipt, of receiving an application or initial request for registration and the filing fees, the department shall notify the applicant of receipt of the application and whether or not the application is complete and in proper form. If the application is incomplete, the department shall at the same time inform the applicant what additional documents or information is required.
If the application is not in a completed form, the department shall give immediate notice to the applicant. On the date the application is complete and properly filed, the statutory period for an in-depth examination of the filing, prescribed in subsection (1) of this section, shall begin to run, unless the applicant and the department have agreed to a stay of effectiveness or the department has issued a denial of the application or a permit to market.
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