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RegistrationFilings required upon applicationWaiver.

(1) To apply for registration an applicant shall file with the director:
(a) An application for registration on such a form as may be prescribed by the director. The director may, by rule or order, prescribe the contents of the application to include information (including financial statements) reasonably necessary for the director to determine if the requirements of this chapter have been met, whether any of the grounds for which a registration may be suspended or denied have occurred, and what conditions, if any, should be imposed under RCW 19.105.340, 19.105.350, or 19.105.336 in connection with the registration;
(b) Written disclosures, in any format the director is satisfied accurately, completely, and clearly communicates the required information, which include:
(i) The name and address of the camping resort applicant or operator and any material affiliate and, if the operator or registrant is other than a natural person, the identity of each person owning a ten percent or greater share or interest;
(ii) A brief description of the camping resort applicant's experience in the camping resort business;
(iii) A brief description of the nature of the purchaser's title to, estate or interest in, or right to use the camping resort property or facilities and whether or not the purchaser will obtain an estate, title to, or interest in specified real property;
(iv) The location and a brief description of the significant facilities and recreation services then available for use by purchasers and those which are represented to purchasers as being planned, together with a statement whether any of the resort facilities or recreation services will be available to nonpurchasers or the general public;
(v) A brief description of the camping resort's ownership of or other right to use the camping resort properties or facilities represented to be available for use by purchasers, together with a brief description of any material encumbrance, the duration of any lease, real estate contract, license, franchise, reciprocal agreement, or other agreement entitling the camping resort applicant or operator to use the property, and any material provisions of the agreements which restrict a purchaser's use of the property;
(vi) A summary of any local or state health, environmental, subdivision, or zoning requirements or permits that have not been complied with for the resort property or facility represented to purchasers as in or planned for the campground;
(vii) A copy of the articles, bylaws, rules, restrictions, or covenants regulating the purchaser's use of each property, the facilities located on each property, and any recreation services provided;
(viii) A statement of whether and how the articles, declarations, bylaws, rules, restrictions, or covenants used in structuring the project may be changed and whether and how the members may participate in the decision on the changes;
(ix) A brief description of all payments of a purchaser under a camping resort contract, including initial fees and any further fees, charges, or assessments, together with any provisions for changing the payments;
(x) A description of any restraints on the transfer of camping resort contracts;
(xi) A brief description of the policies relating to the availability of camping sites and conditions under which reservations are required and the availability of the sites to guests and family members;
(xii) A disclosure covering the right of the camping resort operator or the registrant and their heirs, assigns, and successors in interest to change, substitute, or withdraw from use all or a portion of the camping resort properties or facilities and the extent to which the operator is obligated to replace camping resort facilities or properties withdrawn;
(xiii) A brief description of any grounds for forfeiture of a purchaser's camping resort contract;
(xiv) A statement concerning the effect upon membership camping resort contracts if there is a foreclosure affecting any of the operator's properties, a bankruptcy, or creditor or lienholder action affecting the operator or the camping resort properties; and
(xv) Any other information deemed necessary by the department for the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare;
(c) The prescribed registration fees;
(d) A statement of the total number of camping resort contracts then in effect, both within and without this state; and a statement of the total number of camping resort contracts intended to be sold, both within and without this state, together with a commitment that the total number will not be exceeded unless disclosed by post-effective amendment to the registration as provided in RCW 19.105.420;
(e) Copies or prototypes of all camping resort contracts, and addendum thereto, and membership certificates, deeds, leases, or other evidences of interest, title, or estate, to be registered;
(f) An irrevocable consent to service of process on the director or the department, effective for the term of the statute of limitations covering the last sale in this state of a camping resort contract by the applicant or operator; and
(g) Any other material information the director deems necessary for the protection of the public health, welfare, or safety, or to effectively conduct an examination of an application.
(2) The director may waive for an applicant any of the information required in this section if it is not needed for the protection of the public health and welfare.


Administrative procedure act application: RCW 19.105.540.
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