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Exceptions or exemptionsBurden of proofWaivers of compliance voidSettlement release or waiverChapter as fundamental policy.

(1) In any proceeding under this chapter, the burden of proving an exception from a definition or an exemption from registration is upon the person claiming it.
(2) Any agreement, condition, stipulation or provision, including a choice of law provision, purporting to bind any person to waive compliance with any provision of this chapter or any rule or order hereunder is void. A release or waiver executed by any person pursuant to a negotiated settlement in connection with a bona fide dispute between a franchisee and a franchisor, arising after their franchise agreement has taken effect, in which the person giving the release or waiver is represented by independent legal counsel, is not an agreement prohibited by this subsection.
(3) This chapter represents a fundamental policy of the state of Washington.
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