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Use of the name, symbol, statement, or emblem of another entityFiling.

No entity subject to this chapter may:
(1) Use an identical or deceptively similar name, symbol, statement, or emblem so closely related or similar that its use would confuse or mislead the public, of any other entity for the purpose of soliciting contributions from persons in this state without the written consent of such other entity. Written consent may be deemed to have been given by anyone who is a director, trustee, or other authorized officer of that entity.
(2) A copy of the written consent must be retained on file by the charitable organization or commercial fund-raiser and made available to the secretary, attorney general, or county prosecutor upon demand. The secretary may revoke or deny an application for registration that violates this section.
(3) An entity may be deemed to have used the name of another entity for the purpose of soliciting contributions if such latter entity's name is listed on any stationery, advertisement, brochure, or correspondence of the entity or if such name is listed or represented to anyone who has contributed to, sponsored, or endorsed the entity, or its activities.
This section does not apply to a foundation or other charitable organization that is organized, operated, or controlled by or in connection with a registered public charity, including any governmental agency or unit, from which it derives its name.


Effective date1982 c 227: See note following RCW 19.09.100.
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