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LicenseReciprocity with other statesFee.

Any person who has been lawfully licensed to practice veterinary medicine, surgery, and dentistry in another state or territory which has and maintains a standard for the practice of veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry which is substantially the same as that maintained in this state, and who has been lawfully and continuously engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry for two years or more immediately before filing his or her application to practice in this state and who shall submit to the secretary a duly attested certificate from the examining board of the state or territory in which he or she is registered, certifying to the fact of his or her registration and of his or her being a person of good moral character and of professional attainments, may upon the payment of the fee as provided herein, be granted a license to practice veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry in this state, without being required to take an examination: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That no license shall be issued to any applicant, unless the state or territory from which such certificate has been granted to such applicant shall have extended a like privilege to engage in the practice of veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry within its own borders to veterinarians heretofore and hereafter licensed by this state, and removing to such other state: AND PROVIDED FURTHER, That the secretary of health shall have power to enter into reciprocal relations with other states whose requirements are substantially the same as those provided herein. The board shall make recommendations to the secretary upon all requests for reciprocity.
[ 1991 c 3 § 246; 1959 c 92 § 10; 1941 c 71 § 12; Rem. Supp. 1941 § 10040-12.]
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