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An applicant for a license as "psychologist" must submit proof to the board that:
(1) The applicant is of good moral character.
(2) The applicant holds a doctoral degree from a regionally accredited institution, obtained from an integrated program of graduate study in psychology as defined by rules of the board.
(3) The applicant has had no fewer than two years of supervised experience. The board shall adopt rules defining the circumstances under which supervised experience shall qualify the candidate for licensure.
(4) The applicant has passed the examination or examinations required by the board.
Any person holding a valid license to practice psychology in the state of Washington on June 7, 1984, shall be considered licensed under this chapter.


Findings2004 c 262: See note following RCW 18.06.050.
Severability1984 c 279: See RCW 18.130.901.
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