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Authorized practices.

Nothing in this chapter shall operate in any manner:
(1) To restrict the scope of authorized practice of any practitioner other than a pharmacist, duly licensed as such under the laws of this state. However, a health care entity shall comply with all state and federal laws and rules relating to the dispensing of drugs and the practice of pharmacy; or
(2) In the absence of the pharmacist from the hospital pharmacy, to prohibit a registered nurse designated by the hospital and the responsible pharmacist from obtaining from the hospital pharmacy such drugs as are needed in an emergency: PROVIDED, That proper record is kept of such emergency, including the date, time, name of prescriber, the name of the nurse obtaining the drugs, and a list of what drugs and quantities of same were obtained; or
(3) To prevent shopkeepers, itinerant vendors, peddlers, or salespersons from dealing in and selling nonprescription drugs, if such drugs are sold in the original packages of the manufacturer, or in packages put up by a licensed pharmacist in the manner provided by the commission, if such shopkeeper, itinerant vendor, salesperson, or peddler shall have obtained a registration.
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