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Board of nursing home administratorsCreatedMembership.

The state board of nursing home administrators shall consist of nine members appointed by the governor. Four members shall be persons licensed under this chapter who have at least four years actual experience in the administration of a licensed nursing home in this state immediately preceding appointment to the board and who are not employed by the state or federal government.
Four members shall be representatives of the health care professions providing medical or nursing services in nursing homes who are privately or self-employed; or shall be persons employed by educational institutions who have special knowledge or expertise in the field of health care administration, health care education or long-term care or both, or care of the aged and chronically ill.
One member shall be a resident of a nursing home or a family member of a resident or a person eligible for medicare. No member who is a nonadministrator representative shall have any direct or family financial interest in nursing homes while serving as a member of the board. The governor shall consult with and seek the recommendations of the appropriate statewide business and professional organizations and societies primarily concerned with long term health care facilities in the course of considering his or her appointments to the board. Board members currently serving shall continue to serve until the expiration of their appointments.
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