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Agency duties.

(1) As of January 1, 2012, a business or person operating or maintaining an agency in this state is subject to the provisions of this chapter. An agency must maintain general and professional liability insurance to cover the acts and services of the agency. The combined liability insurance coverage required is one million dollars.
(2) The agency may not create an exclusive agreement between the agency and the client, or between the agency and a provider. The agency cannot provide referral services to a client where the only names given to the client are of providers in which the agency or its personnel or immediate family members have an ownership interest in those providers. An agreement entered into between an agency and a provider must allow either the provider or the agency to cancel the agreement with specific payment terms regarding pending fees or commissions outlined in the agreement.
(3) The marketing materials, informational brochures, and web sites owned or operated by an agency, and concerning information or referral services for elderly or vulnerable adults, must include a clear identification of the agency.
(4) All owners, operators, and employees of an agency shall be considered mandated reporters under the vulnerable adults act, chapter 74.34 RCW. No agency may develop or enforce any policies or procedures that interfere with the reporting requirements of chapter 74.34 RCW.
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