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Shop or business requirementsDirector authorityInspections.

(1) A body art, body piercing, or tattooing shop or business shall meet the following minimum requirements:
(a) Maintain an outside entrance separate from any rooms used for sleeping or residential purposes;
(b) Provide and maintain for the use of its customers adequate toilet facilities located within or adjacent to the shop or business;
(c) Any room used wholly or in part as a shop or business may not be used for residential purposes, except that toilet facilities may be used for both residential and business purposes;
(d) Meet the zoning requirements of the county, city, or town, as appropriate;
(e) Provide for safe storage and labeling of equipment and substances used in the practices under this chapter;
(f) Meet all applicable local and state fire codes; and
(g) Certify that the shop or business is covered by a public liability insurance policy in an amount not less than one hundred thousand dollars for combined bodily injury and property damage liability.
(2) The director may by rule determine other requirements that are necessary for safety and sanitation of shops or businesses. The director may consult with the state board of health and the department of labor and industries in establishing minimum shop and business safety requirements.
(3) Upon receipt of a written complaint that a shop or business has violated any provisions of this chapter, chapter 18.235 RCW, or the rules adopted under either chapter, or at least once every two years for an existing shop or business, the director or the director's designee shall inspect each shop or business. If the director determines that any shop or business is not in compliance with this chapter, the director shall send written notice to the shop or business. A shop or business which fails to correct the conditions to the satisfaction of the director within a reasonable time is, upon due notice, subject to the penalties imposed by the director under RCW 18.235.110. The director may enter any shop or business during business hours for the purpose of inspection. The director may contract with health authorities of local governments to conduct the inspections under this subsection.
(4) A shop or business shall obtain a certificate of registration from the department of revenue.
(5) Shop or business location licenses issued by the department must be posted in the shop or business's reception area.
(6) Body art, body piercing, and tattooing practitioner individual licenses issued by the department must be posted at the licensed person's workstation.
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