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Exclusions from chapter.

Nothing in this chapter prohibits or restricts:
(1) The practice of a profession by an individual who is licensed, certified, or registered under other laws of this state and who is performing services within the authorized scope of practice;
(2) The practice of denturism by an individual employed by the government of the United States while the individual is engaged in the performance of duties prescribed by the laws and regulations of the United States;
(3) The practice of denturism by students enrolled in a school approved by the board. The performance of services must be pursuant to a course of instruction or an assignment from an instructor and under the supervision of an instructor; or
(4) Work performed by dental labs and dental technicians under the written prescription of a dentist.
[ 2002 c 160 § 3; 1995 c 1 § 5 (Initiative Measure No. 607, approved November 8, 1994).]
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