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In addition to any other authority, the secretary has the authority to:
(1) Adopt rules under chapter 34.05 RCW necessary to implement this chapter;
(2) Establish all licensing, examination, and renewal fees in accordance with RCW 43.70.110 and 43.70.250;
(3) Establish forms and procedures necessary to administer this chapter;
(4) Issue licenses to applicants who have met the education, training, and examination requirements for obtaining a license and to deny a license to applicants who do not meet the requirements;
(5) Hire clerical, administrative, investigative, and other staff as needed to implement this chapter to serve as examiners for any practical examinations;
(6) Determine minimum education requirements and evaluate and designate those educational programs from which graduation will be accepted as proof of eligibility to take a qualifying examination for applicants for obtaining a license;
(7) Establish practice parameters consistent with the practice of genetic counseling as defined in RCW 18.290.010 and considering developments in the field, with the advice and recommendations of the *advisory committee;
(8) Prepare, grade, and administer, or determine the nature of, and supervise the grading and administration of examinations for obtaining a license;
(9) Determine which states have licensing requirements equivalent to those of this state, and issue licenses to applicants licensed in those states without examination;
(10) Define and approve any experience requirement for licensing;
(11) Adopt rules implementing a continuing competency program;
(12) Maintain the official department record of all applicants and license holders; and
(13) Establish by rule the procedures for an appeal of an examination failure.


*Reviser's note: Section 5 of this act, which established the advisory committee, was vetoed by the governor.
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