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Disciplinary authorityPowers.

The disciplinary authority has the power to:
(1) Adopt, amend, and rescind rules as necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter, including, but not limited to, rules regarding standards of professional conduct and practice;
(2) Investigate complaints or reports of unprofessional conduct and hold hearings as provided in this chapter;
(3) Issue subpoenas and administer oaths in connection with any investigation, hearing, or proceeding held under this chapter;
(4) Take or cause depositions to be taken and use other discovery procedures as needed in an investigation, hearing, or proceeding held under this chapter;
(5) Compel attendance of witnesses at hearings;
(6) Conduct practice reviews in the course of investigating a complaint or report of unprofessional conduct, unless the disciplinary authority is authorized to audit or inspect applicants or licensees under the chapters specified in RCW 18.235.020;
(7) Take emergency action ordering summary suspension of a license, or restriction or limitation of the licensee's practice or business pending proceedings by the disciplinary authority;
(8) Appoint a presiding officer or authorize the office of administrative hearings, as provided in chapter 34.12 RCW, to conduct hearings. The disciplinary authority may make the final decision regarding disposition of the license unless the disciplinary authority elects to delegate, in writing, the final decision to the presiding officer;
(9) Use individual members of the boards and commissions to direct investigations. However, the member of the board or commission may not subsequently participate in the hearing of the case;
(10) Enter into contracts for professional services determined to be necessary for adequate enforcement of this chapter;
(11) Grant or deny license applications, secure the return of a license obtained through the mistake or inadvertence of the department or the disciplinary authority after providing the person so licensed with an opportunity for an adjudicative proceeding, and, in the event of a finding of unprofessional conduct by an applicant or license holder, impose any sanction against a license applicant or license holder provided by this chapter;
(12) Designate individuals authorized to sign subpoenas and statements of charges;
(13) Establish panels consisting of three or more members of the board or commission to perform any duty or authority within the board's or commission's jurisdiction under this chapter; and
(14) Contract with licensees, registrants, endorsement or permit holders, or any other persons or organizations to provide services necessary for the monitoring or supervision of licensees, registrants, or endorsement or permit holders who are placed on probation, whose professional or business activities are restricted, or who are for an authorized purpose subject to monitoring by the disciplinary authority. If the subject licensee, registrant, or endorsement or permit holders may only practice or operate a business under the supervision of another licensee, registrant, or endorsement or permit holder under the terms of the law regulating that occupation or business, the supervising licensee, registrant, or endorsement or permit holder must consent to the monitoring or supervision under this subsection, unless the supervising licensee, registrant, or endorsement or permit holder is, at the time, the subject of a disciplinary order.
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